formerly known as Religious Education grades 1-5

JULY 1 to AUGUST 19 2018


God created and loves your child! Our Children’s Ministries focus on helping the children to feel God’s love within their families and in Church. The children participate in small groups where they recognize God’s love and become little disciples of Jesus Christ.

Children enrolled in SP Kids will participate in small group activities and discussion. Children need to be enrolled in  SP Kids for 2 years in order to receive First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion

Parents – please read the “Teaching Boundaries and Safety Guide for Caring Adults, Parents and Guardians” linked here. We are dedicated to having your child surrounded by caring adults and providing them with the programs and resources they need to protect themselves. As their primary educator, we please read this guide and speak to your child about it. Two times per year in SPkids we will have 30 minute presentations on Protecting God’s Children as follows: Lesson 1- Physical Boundaries: Safe and Unsafe Touching Rules & Lesson 2- Understanding Safe Friends, Safe Adults and Safe Touches 


GLOW designates children in their first year of perparation for First Communion. Groups meet in the Parish Hall on two Wednesdays per month from 3:45 – 5, or 5:15 – 6:30pm. For schedule, registration and more information click HERE.



BLAZE designates children in their second year of preparation for First Communion. On two Sundays per month, groups attend the 9:30am Sunday Mass together and then continue in their small group in the Parish Hall until 12:15pm.  For schedule, registration  and more information click HERE.





SHINE designates children who have already received First Communion meet in small groups in the Parish Hall on Wednesdays from 3:45 – 5:00pm or 5:15 – 6:30pm.  For schedule and more information click HERE.







Babies (starting at 6 months), Toddlers, and 3 year olds worship in the Nursery, located in the Church. Nursery meets for the duration of the 9:30am, 11:00am & 12:30 Masses, and provides your child with a warm environment for him/her to play, connect with an adult and other children, and worship through song and Bible Story. Registration is required and it is necessary for Nursery check-in. For more info please contact Becky in the parish office.




Splash Zone meets in the parish hall for the duration of the 9:30am Mass, and provides your child with a fun environment for him/her to play, worship through song/story, hear a Bible truth each week, and learn about God’s love. Registration is required; and check-in is necessary. For more info please contact Becky in the parish office.




For more information on any of the Children's programs please contact Becky Miklos at 575-0837  or        email. 



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