Small Group: Rebuilt

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Rebuilt Week 1

1. What is your definition of a disciple of Jesus Christ? What does a follower of Jesus look like?

2. What happens to the church if we stop making discipleship our main focus?

3. Where do you feel you are stronger right now: loving God, or loving others as you love yourself? Why?

4. How are you doing in self-care? What do you need to do for yourself so you can better love others?

5. How can this small group improve so that we help each other to grow as disciples of Jesu


Rebuilt Week 2

1. Read aloud Matthew 14:28-30. What do you imagine taking place in the scene?

2. When in your life have you taken a step of faith and seen God provide for you?

3. Why is stepping out in faith throughout life vital to becoming a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ? Why do we get tempted to stop moving?

4. Peter got out of the boat because he recognized Jesus calling him.  How is your current prayer time? Are you spending enough time with Jesus to hear his voice?

5. Where do you believe God is calling you to get out of the boat right now? What are the waves and the wind that discourage you from stepping out in faith?

6. How can this group encourage you to make a move?


Rebuilt Week 3

1. What voices or messages do you hear that have prevented you from serving others? Do you believe they are true?

2. What issues or causes might God be calling you to open your eyes and heart to?

3. What skills or passions would others in your Small Group say that you have? How can you encourage someone else in your group to serve?


Rebuilt Week 4

1. Read aloud Luke 15:1-2. Why do you think the religious leaders were mumbling about Jesus?

2. Why is caring about the lost vital to becoming a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ?

3. Does part of you get jealous that God makes the lost a priority over you? If we are jealous, how should we deal with our jealousy?

4. On a scale of 1-10, how much do you care for the lost?

5. What could you do to help care for the lost: Invest & Invite, join a ministry, give up your seat at church at an optimal time?

6. Do you have someone you are praying for? Are you asking God to bring out someone into your life?


Rebuilt Week 5

1. Read aloud Revelations 21:5. What do you think Jesus means by that statement?

2. Jesus says he makes all things new. What role do we have in keeping the church fresh and new, while remaining true to the Tradition of our Church?

3. What are the new things Christ wants you to do?

4. Who are the successful people who you can learn from in your field or industry?

5. Jesus refreshes us and brings new life.  How do you encounter Jesus in ways that revives and refreshes your spirit? When you do you feel alive in Christ.

6. Where do you feel like you need Jesus to make you new?



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