Small Group: The Story of Your Life


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 Week 1

1. We all love stories. As you look at your own unique story, do you feel your story is a small story or a larger story that God is a part of?  Do you believe that God is relentlessly inviting you to be part of his story?

2. As you reflect on your story, do you feel there were forces, people or events in your life that have actively worked against you forming a relationship with God? In other words, have there been specific circumstances, people or events that have negatively impacted your story, your faith and relationships, both with God and others?  

3. Have there been positive experiences in your story that have drawn you closer to God, where you have felt you are part of a bigger and better story?

4. Are there any changes that you feel you could make right now or things you could do differently in your life to accept God’s invitation into his larger story? How might these changes impact you and your story?



Week 2


1. What were your early relationships? Who was your best friend? Who were the people that influenced you the most?

2. What brought you the most joy as a kid? What do you remember as your biggest disappointment?

3. David says we are wonderfully made.  Why is that important to remember as we reflect on our story?

4. We get to co-author our story with God. How can we search out and utilize God’s thoughts so that we understand and perhaps make our stories better?


Week 3

1. Where do you feel the battle being waged over your heart? Are you able to specifically name the area of weakness where you are tempted to choose a small story while God calls you into a big story?

2. We all want to be restored.  What keeps you from admitting your sins to your brothers and sisters in Small Group? How honest is the growth environment that you’re creating?

3. How can your Small Group help you face your brokenness and help you engage the work of restoration?



Week 4


1. Why is it important that we consult God for the roles we play in life, rather than allow other people to dictate them to us?

2. How can you use your gifts and abilities to draw people closer to him?

3. What is your reaction to being called a “prophet?” What are your opportunities to speak God’s word into other people’s lives?

Week 5

1. What’s the part of your life story that God has started to rewrite during your time in Small Group?

2. What area of weakness are you allowing God to help you master?

3. What’s one decision you made this week to enter a big story instead of repeating your small story?

4. Who would be encouraged by hearing about God’s work in your life?

5. Who do you know who would benefit from a Small Group and who you could invite to join one?




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