Needy: A Small Group Series


Week 1:





1. On a scale of 1-5, how good are you at self-care? Why do you answer as you do?

2. Do you agree or disagree that your ability to love others will fall to your ability to love and care for yourself? Does it feel selfish to meet your needs first?

3. How could you be better taking care of yourself? What legitimate need do you tend to neglect?

4. Is there a legitimate need you are tempted to meet in an illegitimate or immoral way?

5. If you observed someone you loved, taking care of themselves in the way you care for yourself, would you be concerned? Why or why not?

Week 2:




1. Why do think we can find it so easy to forget about our need for God?

2. Read out loud Psalm 63:1. Have you ever felt this type of intense need for God?

3. What is your physical posture in prayer? Should you consider improving your posture during prayer? For example, do you need to kneel more at prayer or would it help you to do a prayer walk or simply to sit when you pray.

4. Where do you go to pray? What places do you find are better for you to connect with God and support you in prayer?

5. What do you do during your time of prayer? What do you use to aid you in prayer?

6. What needs do you bring to God most often in prayer?

Week 3: 





1. Read aloud Psalm 127:1. What would it look like to bring God into your work so you don’t work in vain?

2. What are one or two things that refresh and restore your soul?

3. What do you usually do on your days off? How do you withdraw weekly?

4. Read aloud Psalm 127:2. Would you say you are able to enjoy the fruit of your work or do you live anxiously?

5. What can you do on a regular basis to introduce more playfulness into your life?

6. Do you have a plan to abandon annually? If so, what is it?

Week 4:



1. Do you have clearly identifiable wounds on your heart or do you find it difficult to identify how you need healing?

2. Read aloud Mark 2:9. Why do you think it is easier for Jesus to heal a person’s body than heal his or her heart and soul?

3. Do you ever have the experience of feeling like a little child? If so when does that happen? Or do you tend to feel strong negative emotions that rationally you know are disproportionate to the situation?

4. When was the last time you remember having your feelings hurt or were misunderstood or criticized by others?

5. Is there someone you need to forgive from your past or present, so you can open yourself up to Christ’s healing?

6. When was the last time you went to the Sacrament of Confession? Is this an action step you need to take to bring healing to your heart?

Week 5:



1. Describe a time in your life where you made a sacrifice and it paid off with a big reward. You looked back and were glad you made the sacrifice.

2. Read aloud Matthew 16:26. What are you tempted to pursue at the expense of your soul?

3. What do you need to die to or let go of? How can you place God more at the center of your life?

4. How do we tell the difference between meeting our needs and when we need to deny ourselves?

5. What about this series have you found most helpful? What is the biggest change you need to make?


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